About Us

We are a retailer of wood and log products, as well as a woodworking service provider. We are based in West Virginia, but sell our products throughout the United States and are continually expanding our services to new locations. We believe that there aren’t enough professional woodworking services out there to meet the needs of remodeling homeowners, and our goal is to provide the best quality possible to our clients while also offering convenience and efficiency.

We began our business as a very small local operation, but in the past few years, we have expanded to a larger team of skilled woodworkers. We also now carry our wood and log products online, so that contractors and homeowners in many different cities can access them. We are consistently working to add new products to our inventory, and we appreciate your requests, as we want to provide inventory that is relevant to your needs. We also are always looking for new woodworking professionals to join our team, so if you have training in this field, please contact us for more information.

To make a wood purchase from us, please browse our online catalog, and then call or email us your request. Our friendly and helpful customer service representatives will confirm the details of your order and answer any questions you may have. If you are purchasing tools or smaller items, you can complete your transaction directly online. If you are interested in keeping up with us, please follow us on social media for news, photos, and behind the scenes information from our business. We love interacting with our customers and answering your questions as well, so don’t be afraid to join the conversation. We are always interested in learning what our customers want to see from our woodworking business.