Unique Roof Design Ideas

When deciding on a new roof for your home, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you prefer a creative approach to home design, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s more out there than the traditional asphalt shingles. Many of the world’s best architects have come up with unique materials, shapes, and styles of roofs that you can incorporate into your home. Our roofing services in West Virginia are quickly expanding to accommodate new styles. Here are some of the most interesting roof design ideas out there.

Grassy Roof

If you live in a place that gets enough sunlight and precipitation to sustain grass or other plant life on your roof, this is a very fun option that makes your home feel like a part of nature. These roofs also harken back to the homes of centuries past in England and other European countries, which were actually built into hills. To create a grassy roof, you’ll need to create a stable base and then have a professional install a fertilized green on top of it.

Domed Roof

If you are making major changes to your home or building a new one from scratch, consider installing a domed roof instead of a traditional slanting roof or flat roof. Domed or curved roofs are often used in modern home designs in Southern California, but they would work well anywhere in the world. They add interest to both the inside and the outside of the structure, and they feel very grandiose. Generally, a curved roof would need to be made from concrete or metal, but you could potentially use other materials as well.

Solar Panel Roof

For those who live in climates that see a lot of sun, why not make extra money to offset your electricity bills by installing a roof filled with solar panels? Solar power is a great way to make your home more self-sufficient, because you won’t need to rely as much on big energy companies for light, warmth, and power. You’ll also save tons of money in the long run. While solar panels might not be everyone’s cup of tea from an aesthetic standpoint, they do pair very well with modern home designs.

Repurposed Roof

Another unique option for those who are environmentally conscious is the idea of a repurposed roof. With this style, you would take materials that would not traditionally be used for a roof (that may have been thrown out otherwise), and then use them to create a roof. These materials usually act like shingles – many people use old metal or plastic products. Some people have even used old CDs and license plates to create their roof. Not only does this reduce waste drastically, but it makes your home stand out.

If you are working with an architect to remodel your home, talk to them about the best options for your roof, both practically and stylistically. An innovative and stylish roof design helps your home stand out, and unique roof designs are often more durable as well.